Why You Should Use the Granite for a Gravestone

Granite is one of the longest-used materials for gravestones. This igneous rock comprises mica, quartz, and feldspar. Its natural color varies from light gray and pink to white. However, it can be shaped and painted to achieve your preferred color. This material was first used in 1850 to make a headstone. You may wonder why people have stuck with it for centuries. Here are three unique benefits of granite gravestones:


Granite comes in different natural shades. It is beautiful depending on the various minerals in it. Most of them contain green, gray, or blue. This means every gravestone made from granite is unique.


Granite can withstand harsh weather and will not stain, shatter or deteriorate. The stone remains in good shape for more than 500 years. But when exposed to too much water and high temperatures, it may cause weather.


A granite gravestone can be washed to restore its beauty. It is easy for bird droppings, sap, lichens, or hard water can accumulate on a headstone. However, you shouldn’t worry, it takes some dishwashing liquid and a sponge or a cloth to clean and bring back its beauty.


Granite is versatile and easy to carve, laser-etch, sandblast, etch and engrave. This stone can also be airbrushed to enable you to come up with a personalized gravestone for your loved one.

Choosing the stone to use on a gravestone is one of the major decisions when planning to honor a loved one with a headstone. But with granite giving such an amazing choice, it is an ideal choice. But, feel free to explore the market and settle for what will suit your preferred epitaph.