Why Gravestones are Important

Gravestones are markers placed at the site of burial. You may not be aware, but they play a significant role in the grieving process. Materials used to make a tombstone include granite, marble, iron fieldstones, wood limestone, and others, depending on the type of gravestones to be erected (https://www.gravsteingrossisten.no/). Some of the common grave markers are the block, also known as upright, ground level, scroll, tablet, obelisk, column, gothic, and cross vault.

In most cases, they are placed there for identification purposes. However, there are more reasons why gravestones are important.


Gravestones help to forever keep the memories of our departed (https://www.gravsteingrossisten.no/pages/gravstein-oslo). This is because they are usually engraved with the name of the departed, their birth date, and their time of death. It also speaks of who they were to the family, like a dear parent or caring sibling.

In the same spirit, it allows the family members to incorporate some of the things that were adored by the departed through design and pictures. All the way from the color to the shape of the tombstone could be a food way to honor and remember them through what they loved.

Special Messages

It also allows family members, friends, and family to leave their prayers and special messages to their loved one by having them engraved. You could also add in this favorite quote to make it more personal.


This is the main reason why gravestones are erected. You see, one can easily have it hard to identify the spot where their dear one was buried without a marker (https://www.gravsteingrossisten.no/blog/gravstotter-ma-sikres-godt). Over time, graves can be washed away and disappear if not well maintained. The names help to easily find them, especially if you had not been there before.

Family Tree

Again, it’s becoming a new thing when it comes to documenting the family tree. How? By having the names of all the departed family members engraved in it in chronological order, with the recently deleted being the last one on the list.


It’s also a good way of protecting the grave as it lets people around know that the site is cared for. It’s now up to you to maintain it by cleaning the site.

It doesn’t matter if you were there during burial; you can forget the location of your loved one’s grave if it has no gravestone.